Banner Department Time Entry Course

Payroll is pleased to announce that the Banner Department Time Entry (DTE) Training Course is now available exclusively online in Learning Central. This replaces the Instructor led course.  Payroll will offer additional assistance if needed in the form of recurring Zoom meetings. Please take the training before signing up for a Zoom meeting.


Department Time Entry Course (BAN-HRP TE100):

  • Upon completion of this course you will learn how to:
    • Enter time in Banner
    • Complete the Biweekly/Monthly Time Entry Adjustment Form
    • Access and view the Time Entry Status Report (PZRTNOT) in E-Print
    • Access and view the Time Keepers and Approvers Report (PNRTKAP) in MyReports
    • Get helpful tips and info from Payroll


What does this mean for Banner Authorization Request (BAR) security?

  1. If you’ve taken BAN-HRP TE100 before, you do not have to take the new course when you do a new BAR to add or drop org codes.
  2. If you don’t currently have the DTE BAR role, this course is required before you can submit your BAR.


We encourage everyone to view the training because of the new content. Please share this with the applicable people in your departments.