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Welcome to Payroll

We love payday yes we do, we love payday as much as you!!

Your Direct Deposit will post to your account by 9:00 a.m. on payday. Please contact your financial institution if you have not received your deposit by 9:00 a.m. on payday.  Your pay stub is available in LoboWeb

If you do not have Direct Deposit yet, please enroll at Select the ‘Staff’ tab and then select the Direct Deposit piggy bank tile.

Nusenda Direct Deposit

To sign up for the Payroll Distribution Program (Payroll Card) with Nusenda Credit Union, please visit any of their Branch locations.  More information regarding the Payroll Distribution Program can be found on Nusenda Credit Union's website.

UNM Policy 2620 requires direct deposit or pay card.

Year-End Planning

Form W-2 
Form W-4

UNM’s Payroll Department and the IRS do not initiate contact with our employees regarding Form W-2s or income taxes via emails.  Please do not click on any links in suspicious emails. Click here for FastInfo on how to forward spam mail as an attachment to    

Other Tax Forms
Form 1095C - Call Human Resources 277-6947
Form 1098T - Call Bursars 277-5363
Form 1099-Misc - Call Accounts Payable 277-2014
Form 1099R - Call your Retirement Provider

The Payroll Department cannot provide investment or tax advice to employees.  Please contact a Financial Planner or Tax Advisor for questions.

What's New?

Multi-Factor Authentication for W-2 and W-4 Online Forms
To improve security and prevent unauthorized access to employees' W-2 and W-4 online data, multi-factor authentication is now required to access W-2 and W-4 online forms in LoboWeb. For more information, please visit the W-2 and W-4 pages.
2016 W-2s

Your 2016 Form W-2 has been mailed to your current address on file. If you have not received your 2016 W-2 by February 13th, please contact the Payroll Office.

You can use this worksheet to better understand the calculations used for your 2016 Form W-2. Please refer to your final paystub in 2016 when using this worksheet.

You can access your 2016 Form W-2 in Loboweb.  This copy is for informational purposes only and cannot be filed with your tax return because your social security number is only partially displayed.

For all the International employees that had a 2016 tax treaty, the 1042S’s were mailed out on 3/3/17.

Re-evaluate your W-4 Withholdings
Have your number of dependents changed? The IRS recommends you reevaluate this every year. To make changes to your 2017 W-4, please visit: > Employee Life > Tax Forms > Federal Tax Exemptions or Allowances (W4).