Taxable Benefits for Football Tickets
Discounted Season Football tickets purchased in 2021 will be included as a taxable benefit for eligible participating staff/faculty. Applicable taxes will be withheld on the following pay dates:

Bi-weekly pay: 6/25/21

Monthly pay: 6/30/21

Moving forward, athletic season tickets purchased will be taxed in a payroll soon after the completed purchase.

Taxable Benefits for Tuition Remission for eligible participating staff and faculty.

Payroll Calculator is available with 2021 Federal and New Mexico tax rates.

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Payroll processes and distributes salary and wage payments to UNM faculty, staff and student employees. Additional responsibilities include:

  • Withholding and remitting employment taxes to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the state of New Mexico
  • Preparing and reporting year-end tax information including IRS Forms W-2 and 1042S
  • Responsible for nonresident alien tax status evaluation; tax treaty compliance; insurance vendor payments; tax deferred annuity enrollment and vendor payments
  • Retirement (ERB) reporting and payments
  • Servicing third party garnishments

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The Payroll Department cannot provide investment or tax advice to employees.