Employment Verifications

To request a verification, go to www.uConfirm.com  and submit your request online.  The employer is:  University of New Mexico

For all requests, a copy of the employee signed authorization is required. You will be prompted during the request process to upload or fax the authorization form to uConfirm.

If you are a social service agency, please fax your request to: 1-404-829-1336.  Otherwise, your request must be submitted online.    

If you need assistance, contact uConfirm’s Customer Support toll free at 866.312.8266 or e-mail support@uconfirm.com.

UConfirm Employee Reference Guide


Current UNM Employees do not need to use uConfirm when verifications are requested from UNM departments or branch campuses for employees that are moving jobs between UNM departments.  Please have your current or prospective department work with its HR Consultant.

Current UNM Employees must use uConfirm when verifications are needed for personal purposes. Current UNM Employees can request an employment verification by contacting uConfirm at 866-312-8266.


Public Service Loan Forgiveness Requests:  

Employees need to fill out the first page and sign section 2. uConfirm will take care of page 2, sections 3 & 4. Please fax your form to 404-829-1336 or email it to PSLF@uconfirm.com. If you have any questions, please call 404-382-5400, Option 4. Once uConfirm receives your form, they will process it and turn it in to the federal loans office in 1-2 business days.