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W-4 Information


Multi-factor Authentication for W-4 Online Forms

To improve security and prevent unauthorized access to employees' W-2 online data, UNM IT and Payroll have implemented multi-factor authentication in front of the W-4 online form in LoboWeb.  UNM employees will be prompted to register a valid phone number for multi-factor authentication when accessing the W-4 online form via LoboWeb.  Employees that have registered their phone to access online Direct Deposit or Benefits (last year) will not be prompted to register a phone number again.  Once registered, employees can successfully log in and access the W-4 online form using their UNM credentials (NetID and password) and confirm login using their phone.  Please refer to FastInfo for additional information on multi-factor authentication and added benefits.


How do I update my W-4 online via LoboWeb?

Note:  Any changes made to the Federal Tax Exemptions or Allowances are also applied to the State of New Mexico withholding with the exception of an additional amount.  Should you require an additional amount of withholding for the State of New Mexico Income Tax, print the form at State Tax Additional Amount Withholding and deliver it to the Payroll Office directly, as Payroll personnel must update it.


Instructions to change Form W-4 online: >Employee Life > LoboWeb > Tax Forms> Federal Tax Exemptions or Allowances

Review your existing W-4 information such as Filing Status, Number of Allowances and Additional Withholding.  If additional information is needed, select Vendor Web Site for IRS Federal Form W-4. To determine whether an update is needed complete form W-4. If the result requires a change then the following steps will update the payroll system.

If an update is necessary: Select Update at the bottom of the page Complete the required Fields Select Submit Changes Select W-4 Tax Exemptions and Allowances

The updates made on the W4 Tax Exemptions or Allowances are displayed please review to verify accuracy and note the Start Date, as this is the date that the changes will become effective.

Filing status change: The following links may be helpful to determine if you need to submit a new Form W-4 online via LoboWeb or at the Payroll Office.

You May Need to Check Your Tax Withholding

IRS Withholding Calculator: IRS Withholding Calculator

IRS: Form W-4